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Beautiful Birds
These lovely little
guys are about four inches beak to tail.
$49 each

Rectangular Trays
These are versatile and work as serving ware or decorative sideboard trays. Dragonfly, butterfly, starfish
Shallow Iris


Mice on Leaves
These were original-
ly a gift for a friend
but we liked them so much, we made more. Leaf, oak leaf, acorn, mouse $129 each
This one measures approximately
10 x 8 inches

These big birds
have great
plumage, and are a
bit cocky as a result $395
Small Mussel

There are variations: Mussel “clip” $98; Mussel on side $59;
Six mussels on side. Diameter approximately
6 inches $129

Small Trout
These come
as either Hanging
($45) or as
Stand-alone trout (small $42,
medium $79) each.
Starfish Bowl

Squid Platter
This exotic
platter is a real attention-getter.
Small Starfish

These bowls are approximately 6
inches in diameter.

Starfish Platter
These are available in either regular or
“scooped” rims


Bell Fraser

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